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ProspectStar™ - Manage relationships with your customers easily and very inexpensively. You'll find it easy to track your customer relationships every step of the way with ProspectStar™. If you're an account executive, you'll like the straightforward interface that doesn't waste your time. If you do customer support, you'll appreciate the powerful search facility that can get you to any customer's record with just two clicks of your mouse. If you're a sales manager or a corporate executive, you'll like the knowledge that your data is secure, and that you'll have robust tools to help manage your sales staff at the tip of your fingers. MORE >>

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CalendarStar™ -- CalendarStar™ is a web-based calendar designed for use by groups. Keep everyone in your organization on the same page about event-based information. CalendarStar™ can have as many editors as you authorize, so all your group's events can be available for everyone to see. It's powerful enough to handle sophisticated business management applications, but easy to use for small groups like churches, clubs and associations. MORE >>>

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SignUpStar™ -- Manage your events the easy way...let your attendees register themselves. An easy link on CalendarStar™ is all it takes for your members or customers (or both) to register for an event. If there is a fee for your event, with the SignUpStarPlus™ option, you can accept their debit or credit card over the internet, all with complete security and privacy. Inside of SignUpStar™ you'll have a complete roster of every attendee, and their complete contact information. If there is a change of venue, or starting time, simply email them with the change. Now for churches, associations, clubs...any organization, SignUpStar™is event management that's easy, efficient, and cost effective. MORE >>>

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MemberStar™ -- Let your members keep their own information up-to-date over the internet. Each member of your organization can have a unique MemberID to log in to MemberStar™. They'll be able to update their own information like email addresses and cell phone numbers so that you won't have to. In addition, they'll be able to look up the contact information for any other Member, eliminating the need for printing directories. You'll also be able to post your newsletter to the internet to reduce your postage costs.

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CalendarStar for the Family™ -- Busy families on the go have lots of events to track: doctor appointments, soccer practice, rehearsals, school days off, to say nothing of vacations and trips to see the grandparents. Keep it all straight over the internet with CalendarStar for the Family™. Even extended families can keep it all together because there are no limits on the number of Users you can authorize. MORE>>>

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