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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the Star-Tech, Inc services are described generically as "hosted services", or "SaaS" (Software as a Service). They are hosted on the Star-Tech server farm, and can be accessed over the internet using either MS Internet Explorer or Firefox by Mozilla.

Q. Is there a contract?

A. Yes. We ask all of our customers to "click through" a special screen to indicate that they agree to our Terms of Use. If you would like to review our current Terms of Use, just click here.

Q. Who can have access to my subscription?

A. Only the Users that you authorize. If your subscription is for a secure product, no one will be able to get beyond the login screen without their unique UserID and Password.

Q. What about CalendarStar™?

A. If your subscription for CalendarStar™ is linked into your website, the public will be able to see your "public" events, but only your authorized Users will see your "Members Only" information. You may create any number of authorized users in CalendarStar™ without any additional charge.

Q. Just how secure is my data?

A. We use security measures in all of our services that are similar to the measures your bank uses to protect your online bank account.

Q. What do I need to do to access my subscription?

A. Anywhere you have a connection to the internet, just use MS Internet Explorer or Firefox to access your subscription. The system is available for your use anytime (except 10 minutes early each Sunday morning), and from anywhere.

Q. How do you charge for your services?

A. For ProspectStar™, there is a modest monthly fee per user. For CalendarStar™ and CalendarStar for the Family™, there is a single low monthly fee for the entire subscription(no per user fee). SignUpStar™ has a subscription fee, and a small per transaction charge. For MemberStar™, we charge monthly based on the number of members in the organization.

Q. Who owns the data in my subscription?

A. You do. If you should decide to leave, there is a process in place that permits you to download your information. We are custodians for your information, just like your bank is a custodian for your money.

Q. Do I have to synchronize data between Users?

A. No. There is only one copy of your data. Each record is as current as the last update to it. Anyone who is authorized to see a record is seeing the most recent (and the only) version of it.

Q. Do I have to install updates to the system?

A. No. All of the programs you will need for the systems reside on our server farm. There is only one production copy of the programs. If we upgrade the system to add a new feature, you will be able to run it instantly, and there is never an upgrade fee for a new version.

Q. Do I need any hardware?

A. You have nothing to buy: no server, no redundant disk drives, no server operating system, no firewall, no FTP client, no security appliance, no server hardening, no software, no fail-safe equipment, no operations staff. We’ve already acquired all of this and we operate it on your behalf when you become a subscriber.

Q. What happens as my business grows?

A. We do capacity planning on a regular basis to be sure that we stay ahead of our customers needs. We'll be sure we have plenty of capacity to support your business as you grow.

Q. What if something is broken?

A. Occasionally a customer will report something that isn't working the way that it should. The last time that happened, it took only a few minutes to fix it, and the fix was instantly available to all of our subscribers. We ask our customers to contact us at as soon as they see an unexpected result from our systems. If it's broken, we'll get it fixed right away.

Q. What if I want something new in the system?

A. Some of the best ideas for improvements in our services have come from our customers. We welcome them, and implement as many as possible as soon as we can. We recently installed an enhancement that a customer had suggested in less than four hours from the time they placed the initial call with the suggestion, and now it is available to all of our customers.