About Star-Tech
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Since 1985, Star-Tech has helped clients to improve their businesses with innovative and clever information management systems. As a consulting firm, we served clients in many industries as client needs presented themselves. In more recent years, Star-Tech has focused on using its vast experience to create subscription services which can be configured and adapted to many industries, without the need for major programming changes.

One of the hallmarks of Star-Tech services is ease-of-use. Each service has been crafted to be efficient to operate, even in the hands of relatively untrained users. For Star-Tech clients, this means that a service from Star-Tech can be installed and operational, with users doing productive work in a fraction of the time. Typical learning curves on Star-Tech services are less than an hour for most users, and less than a half-day for Subscription Administrators.

These elegant solutions to real business problems are possible because of the broad computing experience of Star-Tech co-founders, Steve Stern, and Shelby Robert.

Steve began his career writing systems in the real estate industry, including property management. His many consulting assignments have taken him into banking (including ATM support), insurance related financial applications, convention management, grant application tracking and accounting, wastewater scheduling and tracking for a water district, and executive compensation tracking for a Fortune 500 company.

Shelby began his IT career as the Data Processing Manager for a department store chain. He later formed a service company which served that retailer as well as several credit unions. After selling that business, and two consulting assignments in Fortune 500 companies, Shelby served as US General Manager for a British based software company. After moving to Atlanta, he founded the web-services company that merged into Star-Tech. Along the way he took IT consulting assignments in agricultural crop management, temporary staffing services and network equipment manufacturing.

Your company will be more effective and more efficient using Star-Tech services because Steve and Shelby bring their knowledge and experience to bear every day. Their goal is to help you to build a better company, and to organize your organization.